Fidelity Investments recently organized their annual 3-day global CloudX 2022 Conference which took place May 17-19, in person and virtually. The event had an agenda full of sessions and experiences that would educate all associates, regardless of cloud knowledge, but were attended mostly by technologists eager to hear the speaking segments from some of Fidelity’s most extraordinary leaders and internal experts. Topics included from Basics 101 courses on Cloud, AWS and Azure, to advanced sessions on “Resiliency & Onboarding at Scale”, “Healthcare Digital Experience”, and “Where Next, Fidelity”, to name a few covered by the 95 speakers. The purpose of this event was to bring employees together to understand Fidelity’s cloud strategy, products, and capabilities, gain perspective from Fidelity leaders and internal experts about their cloud journeys, and learn through hands-on workshops.

Prior to the kick-off of this conference, I caught up with Christine Petit to get a better understanding of what drove her to attend this event. As a Director in Architecture at Fidelity, Christine was excited, like many other associates, to hear from the incredible lineup of Keynote speakers including Abby Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Fidelity, Roger Stiles, Head of Technology and Global Services, and Joe Frazier, Head of Enterprise Cloud Computing. She was also hoping to get a better understanding of new cloud technology, and a glimpse into upcoming features.

With over 14,000 session registrations across the United States, India, Ireland and China, this event quickly became the topic of discussion across the company. Christine checked back after the event and made it clear, she was not disappointed. She shared her plans to review some of the products and processes her team works on to incorporate learnings and new cloud features which will soon be introduced, to ensure her team is keeping up with the ever-changing technologies within the cloud.

It was also nice to learn that these sessions were all recorded which means employees can review sessions they may have missed. Our cloud learning teams also put together a foundational track with recommendations for those new to cloud and another track called “Infrastructure as Code”. These recordings will live for months and months to come – a great learning opportunity for current and future technologists at Fidelity.

If you aren’t a current employee and want to attend next year’s CloudX 2023 Conference, apply to our tech opportunities now.