What is the purpose of your ERG?

We originated as the Go Green team in 2018 when a group of associates with a shared passion got together to raise awareness about environmental issues by forming a group aiming to tackle issues such as waste reduction, water scarcity, biodiversity, energy efficiency & community engagement. We have gone from strength to strength each year, whilst the repositioning under the Special Interest Group (SIG) model in 2020 has widened our reach at both a local & Global level.

What activities, initiatives, and events do you host?

In earlier years, we hosted events such as ‘Bin the Bin Day’ where associates relinquished their desk bin in return for a reusable water bottle or coffee cup. Since 2020, we have had a particular focus on various webinar series hosted by external speakers on topics such as retrofitting homes, benefits of cycling, home composting, sustainable fashion, a zero-waste lifestyle & food waste.

What successes, milestones, or achievements can you share with readers?

  • We replaced 1,000 desk bins with a centralised waste system.
  • We introduced EV charge points at all Fidelity Ireland offices.
  • We have reduced paper usage by 55%.
  • We introduced a GIY initiative in 2021 to encourage staff to grow their own food at home

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Meet likeminded people who share a passion for sustainability.
  • Opportunity to explore ideas on how to help Fidelity become more sustainable.
  • Opportunity to connect with the local community.
  • Opportunity to connect with the various ERG and SIG groups within Fidelity.

How do you connect across Fidelity?

We meet with the other Impact teams globally on a quarterly basis to share ideas. We also collaborate on internal collaboration platforms to share updates or give advice etc. Our relationship with other ERGs and SIGs has grown greatly in recent times due to enthusiasm shared by the different groups on how our collaborations can have a larger impact.

How does the organization benefit from your ERG?

We help Fidelity focus on driving change by engaging associates in environmental sustainability efforts across the organisation, in partnership with the global communities for a better future.

How does your ERG contribute to Fidelity’s workplace culture?

We have connected like-minded associates to improve their work life balance by introducing initiatives such as GIY (Grow it Yourself) where 40 associates received a ‘Grow Box’ to grow their own food at home whilst working remotely. The enthusiasm & engagement was palpable for the kick-off of this initiative where associates shared their growing experiences & helped one another. Some associates even got their family members involved.

We also encourage, educate and enable Fidelity associates to protect nature, recycle or even upcycle which in turn supports the environment, our associates and our workplace culture. We host photo competitions and send out surveys such as a CO2 savings survey related to remote working or even quizzes on how to recycle correctly. Our monthly meetings are extremely interactive where new ideas arise all the time.