What is the purpose of your ERG?

Although WLG and WITSIG are recognized as separate ERG’s globally, we have a combined group in Ireland. Our aim is to create and cultivate new generations of inclusive leaders by encouraging and empowering women across our business.

What activities, initiatives, and events do you host?

We host a series of initiatives and events each year including charity engagements, hosting inspiring internal and external speakers, WITATHONS (Women-In-Tech-ATHON), mentorship programs along with supporting several programs promoting careers in STEM.

What successes, milestones, or achievements can you share with readers?

We have a fantastic group of engaged and enthusiastic members who believe in helping us achieve our mission. In recent years we have been focusing on increasing our allyship by diversifying our members and committee. We are the proud hosts of the Ireland team that won the Global 2020 WITATHON and held a successful charity event in 2020 to raise money for Breast Cancer Ireland.

What are the benefits of being a member?

WLG & WITSIG offer a great opportunity for members to grow their network, attend events and engage in learning and development activities outside of their day to day commitments while supporting and strengthen the organizations commitment to diversity in the workplace.

How do you connect across Fidelity?

WLG and WITSIG work closely with our global committee and counterparts to ensure we have global collaboration and objective alignment. This also gives our members great opportunity to connect with members outside of Ireland and participate in global events where possible.

How does the organization benefit from your ERG?

Our ERG empowers, encourages, and cultivates female associates across all levels of our organization which contributes to our talent pipeline. We also offer resources to our female associates to ensure they feel supported in navigating their career alongside life events.

How does your ERG contribute to Fidelity’s workplace culture?

WLG & WITSIG offers a rich variety of opportunities for our members and allies to come together and engage. We foster a sense of community through partnership opportunities with other ERG’s to increase collaboration and allyship across all our communities.