By Kumar, Principal Software Engineer

In 2020, I was one among early birds to experience remote onboarding with Fidelity Investments Ireland. I am excited to share that I am getting promoted as Principal Software Engineer still working remote.

Here are few principles I followed to bridge the gaps.

  • Building Trust – First things first, for an employee to be successful in remote working condition, one needs to build trust among colleagues, partners across different shores. Sometimes building trust could be result oriented, it is therefore necessary to repeatedly deliver results.
  • Being Proactive and Looking at Bigger Picture – Always be proactive, it is very easy for someone to direct and get the things done . But if we are proactive, we can definitely establish our brand, and when we have a bigger picture of the product/programme, it is easier to provide your opinion on things when they come.
  • Communication – This is vital especially when working remote. You need to keep stakeholder informed, it’s important to share information as you have it.
  • Networking – One part that everyone missed is networking. I had the same challenge as well. I looked out for several avenues how I could network better. Being part of Aspire ERG opened several opportunities to connect with leaders across the globe. I was also part of several hiring panels and joined Social Media champion group to improve and grow my network within the organization.
  • Taking Calculated Risks – Sometimes we may have to take risks . It is important to ensure that the risks we are taking are calculated ones and we need to ensure that the radius of the impact is minimized as much as possible.
  • Team’s support ecosystem – It is always not your effort alone that fetches the result, if it is 25% of your effort, 75% team support that plays crucial role in success. It is very easy to ignore the suggestions of a new comer in the team, but believe it or not my team empowered me and allowed me to take several decisions and supported me in executing those. It is also a very important aspect that is promoted across firm for being consciously inclusive value everyone’s opinion.

I intentionally placed a comma in the article title just to denote that this isn’t the end and more it is to be continued. If I can, I am sure definitely everyone can, Thanks to the culture that Fidelity Investments believes in and promotes across the globe.