Fidelity Ireland

Ireland was Fidelity Investments’ first global location, a nimble start-up within the established Fidelity brand. Constant innovation within our offerings and an agile workflow has created an energized workplace with people from over 38 nationalities – for a truly global way of working.


Fidelity Investments Global

“Take intelligent risks rather than follow the crowd.” Those are wise words. Our founder said them over 75 years ago and we hear them echo as we continue to solve new challenges each day. We started as a small mutual fund company and have grown into one of the largest financial services firms in the world.

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Technology & FCAT iLabs

Wildly innovative. Seriously practical. The global technology team at Fidelity empowers every trade, transaction, and customer interaction. Our teams use agile methodologies to meet challenges head-on, and your work here can touch everything — investment management, corporate technology, fund operations and more.

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Operations & Corporate Shared Services

There’s perfect and there’s done. And then there’s both. Our operations team ensures masterful delivery of business transactions. Here, you’ll be an integral part of an agile workforce, continually improving quality, productivity, and efficiency – to become the centre for operational excellence they’re known for.

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